Download Garena Free Fire PC: New Beginning v1.56.1 .EXE [Installing Guide]

Now you can download Garena Free Fire PC EXE 2020 New BeginningUpdate. Free Fire is a game of Battle Royale centered around the last survivor, is very similar to some of the other famous games such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Every 10 minutes, Free Fire puts you in a secluded island where you are against 49 other players, all of whom want to win a fierce battle with only one survivor.

Players can freely choose the starting point or get off at parachute, and here you should try to survive as possible in the safe zone. Now, you can download Free Fire PC computer below, and then run it by following a few simple instructions below.

Download Free Fire for Windows

Download Free Fire for PC 2020

Game Garena Free Fire PC
Version v1.56.1
Last update December 7, 2020
OS Windows
Programmer Gameloop


By following a few steps, you will be able to play Free Fire PC game on your computer or laptop. The explanation for downloading Free Fire PC below is best for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 as well as for Windows 10.

Free Fire PC 1.56.1 (New Beginning)

Download Free Fire 2020 Operation Chrono

Free Fire officially announced the Free Fire 1.56.1 update for PC today in collaboration with Spanish footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in the all-new game update New Beginning with Operation Chrono. This update includes the character of Cristiano himself inside the game, which will be added in the game starting on December 19, 2020, and here are some new things that you will get after downloading Free Fire New Beginning:

  • Clash Squad Season 4 Mode – Starts December 8th
  • Vector Akimbo new weapon
  • Update training areas
  • Bermuda Elements Update
  • Add some new fireworks
  • Plugins interface now supports landscape mode
  • A new interface for users in the Battle Royale mode as well as Clash Squad
  • Ability to set and customize the weapon balance
  • Increased P90 strike damage
  • Increase the destruction power of the M4 weapon

New Free Fire update features for the computer

  1. Clash Squad Mode Season 2.
  2. New weapon – AUG.
  3. New characters.
  4. New item – revival equipment (only in Clash Squad)
  5. Increase the speed of the motorcycle.
  6. A thermoscope can now be seen with smoke grenades.
  7. Improved parachute animation.
  8. New content update in Free Fire magazine.

1. New characters

Two new characters have been added to the game. They are the adorable characters of Luquinta (Lucas) and the life of Firebound. They will have a lot of other unique abilities than other characters in Free Fire before.

2. A new pet

A new character will be added to the game, which is a pet called “Mister Wage”. It is an adorable pet that has the ability to make “Gloo Walls”. This is useful when you do not have grenades that make Wall Glo.

3. Bermuda Map 2.0

Free Fire will launch Bermuda Game in its new update. It is a bermuda map that was already in the game before. But new places will be added in this update.

4. Convoy Crunch mode

In Freefire, a new mode will be available, called Convoy Crunch. This mode will be available with the launch of the new update of the game. You will be able to play this mode on the Bermuda map that we mentioned in the previous feature.

5. New lobby and waiting island

The new lobby (the closed room where players compete) will be redesigned as well as the fully-anticipated island in full. This will be done in conjunction with the third anniversary of the game.

6. Add new medical help

A new medical aid has been added, which is the syringe, which the player can treat in the event of being hit by competitors’ bullets without the need for another player’s help.

Free Fire PC 1.54.1 Update for PC

  1. “Wolfrahh” character: You can reduce the damage caused by hitting the head with fire by 25%. You can also damage the enemy with an increase of 15%.
  2. The new character, Falco:  increases the speed of skating when jumping from parachutes by 45%, and increases the speed of diving after the parachute opens by 50%, and the effect extends to the rest of the team.
  3. New M82B weapon:  It is a sniper weapon available in Hot Zone in classic mode. You can also buy it from the Clash Squad store. It comes with some ballistic aids that reduce the power of the bright walls to appear at the end of the game.
  4. A new anti-penetration system:  An anti-penetration system has been added to prevent any player from using an additional application that benefits from him and gives him preference over other competitors.
  5. Skill activation indicators:  This feature has been added to indicate the appropriate time to activate the character’s skills.
  6. New training ground:  many features have been added to the new training ground, such as vehicles, glossy walls, and many improvements, such as extending the range for shooting and practice area, among others.

Free Fire for computer

  • There is a Game Center section through which you will be able to access many popular games for free.
  • The possibility of communication between friends, players or team members.
  • The game runs smoothly and lightly even if your graphics processor is poor.
  • You can record a video while playing, or even make a live broadcast of the game on social media.

Free Fire computer requirements

  • Intel Core i3 processor or higher.
  • 2GB of RAM.
  • Screen resolution should be HD 720p or higher.
  • 1GB hard disk space.
  • Operating system Windows 7 , Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Install Free Fire PC game on computer

  1. From above, download Free Fire Computer Edition.
  2. Right click (right click) on com.dts.freefireth_NormalPackage_2358.exe and install it with admin privileges.
    Installing Free Fire for the computer

    • You will notice that a new window appears, notifying you that you will be installing a new program, click Yes.
  3. Once the installation is finished, you will notice that nothing happened for about a minute, then the next page will appear as it loads the game to your computer automatically without any interference from you by the official GameLoop emulator from Free Fire developers.
    Download Free Fire 2020 for PC
  4. Now wait for the game to finish downloading.
    Free Fire Computer
  5. Then, the main screen of the Free Fire game for the computer will appear and the download will start on the computer for the first time.
    Download Free Fire PC
  6. In the next window of the Free Fire PC game a message appears asking you to confirm your agreement to the usage policy, just click Confirm.
    Free Fire
  7. At this point, the game has finally finished installing, from here you can simply log in to the Free Fire PC game either with your Facebook account, or start playing directly without logging in as a Guest.
    Log in to a Free Fire game account on your computer
Free Fire PC

Free Fire is a game of Battle Royale centered around the last survivor, is very similar to some of the other famous games such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. Every 10 minutes, Free Fire puts you in a secluded island where you are against 49 other players, all of whom want to win a fierce battle with only one survivor.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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