Android 10.0 (Realme UI) update for Realme Devices [Updated List 2020]

New update for Realme phones, Realme UI based Android 10 brings many excellent changes in the user interface (shapes and colors), along with new designs for system icons and applications, some Realme UI wallpapers that we are talking about today, and many additional features after you get the update. But far from all of the above, today we received a bunch of new Realme UI update wallpapers which will be available on the phone after installing the update, which you can download in full resolution from below.

Realme UI update

Realme, that brand you may not have heard of until recently due to the fact that it recently broke up with Oppo, days ago revealed its first custom skin besides Android 10, the Realme UI update. In fact, the Realme UI version is just a customized version of the ColorOS 7.0 UI from Oppo that was built on the same version of the system. The Chinese company while we are talking is preparing a beta program to launch it on its phones soon. Just yesterday, the company has already announced that the Realme UI update for Realme X2 will be available in beta for phone users in India.

Realme UI Update | details

Realme launched the Realme X50 5G next to its announcement for the first time about the Realme UI interface alongside Android 10. And before getting the original backgrounds of the new system from below, let’s take a quick look at the Realme quiver in its new update. The all new Realme UI is a customized version of ColorOS as mentioned earlier, but nevertheless it appeared with some changes and customization such as the ability to change the shape and sizes of icons, the focus mode, the electronic payment system Really Pay (intended for PaySa users in India), game acceleration mode Night weather, quiet designs, and a lot more.

Realme UI update

In the new update, Realme added a lot of virtual changes, as all of the icons are now more elegant, and are compatible with each other. There is also the new Night mode for Realme phones but it is nevertheless only for phones that have AMOLED screen, as well as improving the connection of 5G network frequencies for the phones that support them as well.

Android 10 for Realme | Better performance

As for performance, the Realme UI version comes with a new feature called Full Speed ​​Gaming, which is the gaming mode we know in other systems. The ColorOS 7 update, for example, comes with an improved release of the Breeno Smart Assistant, which contains several features such as hands-free as well as driving mode. So, Breeno Assistant is already available in the Realme UI update with Android 10. Of course, all system features in Android 10.0 will also be present in the new Realme UI interface.

Realme phones that will get Android 10

Realme phones that will receive Android 10 update

As for when the new update will be available, I am pleased to inform you that the company has officially announced the release date of Android 10 for Realme phones. According to this statement, Android 10 will arrive Realme 3 Pro then Realme XT during the current January 2020. While it recently announced the launch of the Realme X2 beta program. Next, you can know the date of each phone separately.

January 2020

  • Realme 3 Pro
  • Realme XT

February 2020

  • Realme 5 Pro
  • Realme X

March 2020

  • Realme X2 Pro

April 2020

  • Realme 3
  • Realme 3i

May 2020

  • Realme 5
  • Realme 5s

June 2020

  • Realme 2 Pro

The third fourth of 2020

  • Realme C2

Realme UI wallpapers

On most previous Realme phones, we’d usually get those wallpapers that were originally designed for Oppo phones since they were always ColorOS wallpapers. But now the situation is different because Realme announced its custom interface which makes sense to have specially designed wallpapers which I personally liked very much and I see that it came with attractive designs and colors. Realme UI update comes with 14 new backgrounds. But for the time being, we only have 4 original wallpapers with full resolution, and we’ll add the rest as soon as we get them.

All Realme wallpapers below are in full resolution and 1080 x 2340 pixels (FHD + resolution). So, download them from the download link below the attached backgrounds, because these images attached below are just wallpaper reviews only and are not suitable for use.

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