Watch World Cup Qatar 2022 Semi Finals Free Broadcast with these Apps!

A lot of World Cup 2022 Livestream Apps, Which is Actually Works?! Since the beginning of the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar, many live broadcast apps have appeared on thousands of sites on the Internet, some of which you can really rely on, while the most of them do not actually work at the present time, and the download links for this apps are just fraudulent pages, Unfortunately! And you, as a person, are passionate about this special event that we only see once every four years, all you want is a free way to watch these matches while they are broadcast live.

So, now you are probably still looking for an app on Android or iPhone that broadcasts live matches of the World Cup in Qatar. Shall I limit your search and give you a direct answer to your question? Well, the apps that are confirmed to actually work and broadcast all matches without errors are as follows (in order of best):

  1. Yacine TV: Download | Mediafire mirror
    • Player needed: YTV Player
    • You can install it on Smart Android TV
    • The best on this list and works flawlessly
  2. Ostora TV: Download
  3. Drama Live: Download link
    • It needs an activation code which is: nasrapp
  4. GreenApp Player: Download link
    • It needs an activation code which is: 1111111111111111
  5. Ayoub TV: Download
    • It needs a code which is: 565434575
  6. Aya TV app: Download
  7. Yalla Goal: Download (for iPhone)

The first app, which is Yacine TV, is characterized by its support for installation on smart Android TVs (or TV Box devices such as Mi Box S, for example), and you can simply put the apk file as well as its player on a flash drive and simply install it on the TV, then start the live broadcast, and here are the steps you can follow or watch this YouTube video to do so.

On the other hand, the second app in the previous list, which is Ostora TV, its developers have made a version intended for installation on smart android tv, and you can follow the same steps to install it and get the live broadcast as well.

However, you do not have to use a dedicated Android TV app, in fact you can use any mobile app from the above list and cast it on your smart tv. To do this, just go to the live broadcast, then click on the screen icon above or below to send the broadcast from your phone to the screen (see the following image), or follow this method on YouTube:

Stream Mobile screen on TV

Finally, have you tried any of the apps mentioned above and it didn’t work for you? Because I personally tried them and made sure they all work. Also, do you have any additional app that you tried that works on your phone whether it is Android or iPhone? Please tell us about it and we will put it here to help any football fan who is looking for a way to watch Qatar World Cup 2022 matches and has not succeeded so far.

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