Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi Finals On Smart TVs with these Apps!

Top FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Livestream Smart Android TV Free Apps! These days, a huge football event is taking place around which all football fanatics around the world gather once every four years, which is the FIFA World Cup 2022, whose events are being held while we are talking in of Qatar. And while we already have a list of the best live broadcast apps for these matches on smartphones, which you can use any of them now, there are millions around the world currently looking for a way to play this broadcast on TVs “smart screens or Android TV Box devices” through apps Originally designed to run on Android TV and optimized for the screen, not the phone!

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 On Smart TV

Of course, you can download any Android app to follow the Qatar’s 2022 World Cup matches on your phone now, and then turn on the mobile-to-TV broadcast feature, but the disadvantage of this method is that you cannot use your phone during the live broadcast!

So, is there an app that you can install on your TV to play Qatar 2022 matches now? actually yes! There are several apps that you can use right now, and you can download any of them from the following list.

1. Yacine Smart TV

Yacine Smart TV apk
Yacine Smart TV

Yacine TV is an app that specializes in live broadcasting of matches in leagues from all over the world, and it also transmits important tournament matches such as the European Champions League or the African Champions League and others.

The main app was designed to run on Android phones, and then later due to its wide popularity among users, its developers built a version dedicated to running on smart TVs, and you can download it and enjoy watching the World Cup matches in Qatar 2022 now.

From here, download Yacine TV (Smart TV version): Mediafire.

If you encounter a problem that it does not start the live broadcast, then you need to download and install an additional app, YTV Video Player. So follow these steps:

  • Download YTV Video Player 2.0 ‘New Update’ from: Mediafire.
  • Transfer the file to you smart TV using the flash drive, or with Solid Explorer.
  • Go to the location of the app on TV and install it.
  • Launch Yacine TV app and you should see that it works without errors.

2. Ostora Android TV

Ostora Android TV apk
Ostora Android TV

By using the TV version of the Ostora TV app, you can follow all the international matches of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the moment of their live broadcast, as well as all the important football events that will be held today on encrypted channels. Since the beginning, developers have built two versions of the app, one for mobile, and the other for working on the smart screens and its large dimensions.

You can download the smart TV version from here:  MediaFire.

In order to be able to see all the servers that are broadcasting the matches that are currently being played, you must install another app called video player from the following link Url Video Player.

  • Download the app and the URL Video from above and put them on a flash drive.
  • On Android TV put the flash and install Ostora app, then the URL Video app.
  • Now start the Ostora Smart TV and enjoy the live broadcast.

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