Download Yacine TV .APK 3.0 “For Mobile and Smart TVs” World Cup 2022 Stream!

Now you can enjoy Free FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Live stream on Mobile and TV via Yacine TV apk. The app is that specializes in live broadcasting of matches in leagues from all over the world, and it also transmits important tournament matches such as the European Champions League or the African Champions League and of course FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Where you can watch the matches broadcast live through the channels carrying each match. Like Live Plus, Drama Live, Or GreenApp Player, and Ostora TV, Yacine TV informs you through notifications of the dates of the matches and gives you a schedule of them and the channel that transmits each match, and you only have to watch the match through it by clicking on the link of the channel that transmits the match.

Yacine TV apk


Yacine TV Download

App Yacine TV
Last update 3.0 (December 14, 2022)
Size 7.7MB
File name Yacine_TV__v3.apk
Download Yacine TV (for mobile) from here: Mediafire link and you will also need this player

Get for Smart TVs

If you want to launch the app on your Android TV and you find that it is not playing the current match or that its live broadcast is not working, then you will need to download and install an additional app which is YTV Video Player. So follow these steps:

  1. Download the app “TV Version” Direct Link.
  2. Download also YTV Player.
  3. Transfer the file to the TV using and install it using X-Plore.
  4. Run Yacine TV and you should see that it works without errors.

World Cup 2022 Live broadcast on the phone

Yacine TV Live Channels

Yacine TV is specialized in broadcasting football matches. But if you want to watch videos of the most important goals or highlights from each match as soon as it ends, It’s also the best app for that. And since live broadcast apps need a stable connection to the Internet, and Wi-Fi is preferred, because it will consume the Internet package for phone data.

But if you are forced to use the your carrier plane due to the lack of a Wi-Fi network, follow the most important events that take place in the match that is being played now through more than one app.

There is more than one quality on Yacine TV in order to watch beIN Sport channels, which currently monopolize the most important football events around the world, including international leagues, the World Cup Qatar 2022, and European championships at the level of clubs and teams as well.

On the app you will find an opportunity to watch beIN Sport in 720p, 360p and 244p quality. Choose from them according to the speed of the Internet that you are dealing with at the present time. I don’t need to remind you that you need to be connected to the Internet anyway in order to be able to benefit from Yacine TV’s services.

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