Install One UI based Android 9.0 Pie on Galaxy J7 Prime 2 (Stable)

Samsung released the Android Pie update for another version of the Galaxy J family after it also launched the latest update for the Galaxy J4/J4+ and Galaxy J6/J6+ as well as the Galaxy J8, now the date of the Galaxy J7 Prime 2018 version SM-G611F (also known as Galaxy On7 or Galaxy J7 Prime 2018 ) to get the Android 9 update on the side of the whole new One UI of Samsung. Android 9.0.0 update for Galaxy G7 Prime 2 comes with many new features and features as well as the security update for May 2019. Next, we will give you detailed instructions on how to download and install the Android Pie update manually on the Galaxy J7 Prime 2 with G611FFDDU1CSD8.

Galaxy J7 Prime 2018 Android Pie Update 02

Android 9.0 Pie update for Galaxy J7 Prime 2

At present, the update of Android 9 Bay for Galaxy J7 Prime 2 is only available in India and United Arab Emirates. So if you’re in one of these two countries, you may first be able to manually check the update access of your phone or not through your phone’s settings. Or you can go to the download section below and download the update file directly to your phone.

Download official Android Pie system for the J7 Prime 2018

There is no confirmation of when the official update of the Galaxy J7 Prime 2 users will arrive around the world, but it will often be in the next few weeks. However, if you do not want to wait and want to update your phone to the latest version immediately, you can download the update from the links below with the version number G611FXXU1CSE2 (UAE version) and install it manually on Odin3 using a few easy and simple steps. Below.


Explain how to install Android 9.0 Pie on Galaxy J7 Prime 2

Next, we’ll give you brief steps to guide you on how to install the official update with Odin3 (manually, a complete guide for beginners). But you have the option either to follow the previous link to explain the flash, or explain the use of Oden to install Samsung’s official rumets .

  1. First, download the official rum from the top.
  2. Extract the ROM contents on your computer.
  3. Download the appropriate USB profile for your J4 Galaxy phone from the top, and then install it on your computer.
  4. Download Samsung Odin from the links listed above (latest version).
  5. Close the phone completely.
      • While the phone is locked, press the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons  simultaneously at the same time
      • Leave all the buttons as soon as you see a warning on the screen – and then press the  Volume Up button to  enter the Download mode
        Galaxy Note 7 Download Mode
  6. Run the Odin As administrator.
    Open Odin3 as administrator
  7. Now connect the phone to the computer in Download Mode using the USB cable.
  8. If you have installed the correct definitions, in this step you should recognize the Odin by changing the ID: COM field to Blue, next to the word Added !!
    • Otherwise, reinstall the appropriate USB profile for the phone again.
      Galaxy A6 2018 Odin ID COM Port
  9. Now in the Options dialog box, make sure that the options are ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F.Reset Time’ and that no other options are enabled.
    auto reboot f reset time odin
  10. Now go back to the contents of the official rum, place each file in them in the Khan as shown in the following image:
    How oden works
  11. Now in the Oden, press the BL  button  and go to the official update folder and choose the ‘BL_G611F’ file  for the J7 Prime 2018. This is the bootloader file and is abbreviated BL = B oot L oader. In the same way, also press the APCP and HOME-CSC button  each file in the appropriate box. After you have finished, the Udine should look exactly like the following:
    Install One UI based Android Pie via Odin Mohamedovic
  12. Now, all you have to do is press the Start button to start the new system.
  13. Once the installation is complete, you will notice the appearance of PASS! Or  RESET! Are written above, and your phone will automatically restart itself.
    Odin pass screen Mohamedovic
  14. You can now disconnect the USB cable. The first takeoff of the phone can be up to 15/20 minutes, do not worry this is supposed to happen as it is a new system. You must be patient at this stage and do not be afraid of anything wrong.

When your Nokia J7 Prime 2018 comes off again, change the new settings to the phone as you like, then enjoy the Android 9.0 Pie on your phone.

Did you download and install the  Android 9.0 Pie update next to the official One UI for Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2? Have you encountered any obstacles or difficulties installing the update on your phone? Just let us know your explanation or if you encounter any problems during the steps and we will be happy to answer you.

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  1. My phone (Samsung J7 prime 2) is upgraded is this way, and it says it should be registered on the network. I am not in UAE or any country listed under phone permission country. Previously my phone was rooted and IMEI was changed. At that time it was working the network. Can you solve the problem after updating?

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