Download Realme 6i Android 11 Update [Beta Realme UI 2.0, Installing Guide]

Download Android 11 update with Realme UI 2.0 for Realme 6i and get an explanation of the installation on the phone. Let’s agree that the Chinese company Realme is making a remarkable effort in the process of updating all its smartphones to the Android 11 operating system, along with the latest Realme UI 2.0 interface with it. There are many phones that have already been updated, either with a stable or test version, and include Realme 6 Pro, Realme X2 Pro, and also Realme 6, C12, C15, to name just a few, the phones that have been updated more than this number.

Realme 6i (Android 11 update)

The company has not yet completed either stable or even experimental updates, since Realme UI 2.0 update has not yet reached many eligible Realme phones. The last eligible phone for the Android 11 update and whose users got the opportunity to actually try the beta version was Realme 7i. The strange thing is that the latter, according to Realme’s official statements, was supposed to get the latest beta system version next to Realme 6i and also Narzo 10 in the past February, which is the thing that did not happen!

Realme UI 2.0 update for Realme phonesIn any case, Realme UI 2.0 update for Realme 6i and Narzo 10 (it is the same phone in the Chinese market) has become available in its beta version or through the company’s beta program to join now officially by the company. According to this official announcement in the Realme support forums for its users, which was published a few hours ago, the company clarified that the beta program will be open to users at any time during the day, February 27, 2021.

Realme 6i

Read the following carefully before updating!

  • To keep storage contents from losing, remember to make a backup copy first.
  • Some thired-party apps may not work as they should because they are not compatible with Android 11 yet. After installing the update, you may not even be able to update these apps to their latest version. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you first update all the applications that need updates from Play Store to their latest version before starting the steps to join the beta program.
  • We are talking about a preliminary trial version for a new system, so after installation it may not be suitable for everyday use.
  • You must make sure that there is at least 5GB of free space in the phone storage, otherwise there is a risk that the update will not complete or that you will not be able to install it after downloading. To find out the free memory on your phone, go to Settings> Additional Settings> Storage.

Known bugs

Of course, since we are talking about a beta version, you should expect some known or noticeable bugs yet. But nevertheless, your task here as a user of the beta version is to inform the company in case you encounter any problem while using the phone by going to this link, or the Google form link from here.


  • Realme 6i device.
  • The battery capacity must be at least 60%.
  • Your phone must be currently running the version number B.55 or B.57  before installing the update.

Steps to join Realme UI beta

Realme UI 2 beta

  • Go to Settings  >  Software Updates
  • From here, click on the green settings icon at the top.
  • After that, click on the Trial Version button.
  • At this point, you will need to enter some necessary information.
  • Check the checkmark button next to the must-know box.
  • Finally, click on the Apply Now button.

Once you have completed the previous steps, a few days later, you will receive a notification of a new official update. After downloading and installing the new system, the phone will automatically restart itself inside the Android 11 OS along with the new Realme UI 2. Now make the initial settings, and enjoy exploring the latest version of the Android system for your phone before everyone else.

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