Download Petal Maps v1.10.0.301 .APK ‘Huawei’s own Maps App’ Direct Link

The Huawei Petal Maps app is the Chinese company’s way to get out of the cloak of Google and dispense with its services since the beginning of the US ban and restrictions on it from 2019 until now. As the name shows, the Petal Maps app is a navigation app for Huawei devices, but you can still install it on any other Android device as long as you have the Huawei Mobile Services “HMS.

What is Huawei Petal Maps

If you didn’t know, Petal Maps now covers more than 140 countries and cities around the world, making it a fierce competitor to the popular Google Maps. Huawei Petal Maps allows you to know your current geographical location, view places on the map, search for specific places or services near you, add your favorite places such as home or work, in addition to showing the current crowding in real time and many other features.

Download Huawei Petal Maps .APK

App Petal Maps
Version (002)
Last update August 13, 2021
Size 34.4MB
Developer Huawei

Download Huawei Petal Maps APK (Direct Link): Petal-Maps

Download link from Huawei AppGallery: Download

New Features

  • Now you can write a review of the places you visit on the map.
  • You can continue to operate navigation even while other applications are running.
  • You can make hotel reservations, etc. directly through the app.


  • Fix some known bugs
  • Improve the app user experience

Features of the Huawei Maps

Download Huawei petal maps apk

  • Map review:

While you are using the application, you can zoom in or out on the map, adjust the map browsing mode, or even adjust the viewing angle of the map as you prefer. You can also choose to browse maps in 2D or 3D and also see the current density of cars and traffic when you intend to go somewhere.

  • Search the map:

With Huawei’s huge in-app database, finding places just got easier – simply type what you’re looking for on the map and it’s right in front of you. You can also click on the sections icon that you will find at the bottom of the search area to find the nearby places that the app recommends to you based on your history of going to similar places.

  • Navigation:

The application helps you to know the traffic in real time on the road if you intend to go on a trip in order to avoid this crowd and choose a different route. As soon as you choose a different route, the app immediately resets a new, less crowded route and then changes all flight data, time spent, etc.

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