Download Google Camera v8.0.0 APK: Google Pixel 5 Latest Version [Installing Guide]

Explanation of downloading and installing the latest version of Google Camera v8.0 Apk for all Android devices. The American giant Google launched two new phones in the market early this month: the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5. However, the Pixel 5 is unfortunately not a “Flagship” if you are looking for the best features of a phone on the scene. Both phones came with 5G support and under the hood they have a Snapdragon 765G chip. So, yes, they both can be considered as mid-range phones if you are wondering.

But on the other hand, their operating system is not specific to a mid-range phone at all. Both of them, as you’d expect, came with the latest Android 11 operating system so far, along with the all-new Google Camera 8.0.0 app, which will be the main reason to make the new Pixel 5 a fierce competitor to all phones of this category and above, without exception! And that is as we used to with the devices of the American company every year.

Google Camera 8.0

Google camera v8

Google Camera v8 is the latest version of the Pixel 5 so far. Google Camera 8.0.0 comes loaded with a lot of new features as you’d expect from a great photography app for this advanced level. The company has also published a new Google Blog highlighting the features of the new Pixel 5 camera app.

The highlight here is not the internal camera hardware, but we are talking here about the magic treatment of images captured from the camera by the Google Camera v8 app, yes, we are talking here about just a camera application and nothing complicated! So, today you can download Google Camera v8.0 Apk from Pixel 5 in two versions, one of which is primarily aimed to older Pixel devices itself, and the other is (a Port) suitable for installation on other Android devices.

Google Camera v8 Features

Some of the most important new features in GCam 8.0.0 include the ability to use the Ultra-wide camera, the Cinematic Pan, the ability to activate the night mode while shooting Portrait, the new adjustment options in the Google Photos app, and many other features that you can Explore it yourself after installing the camera.

The features of GCam v7.5 will be here too!

Google has probably added all the features that we saw in the previous version of the Google Camera v7.5 that came with the Pixel 4, such as the Motion blur effect, which can give the user a similar experience using professional DSLR cameras while photographing moving things. Audio zoom that allows you to capture its video and audio from a specific direction while the camera is pointing at it, in addition to the Flash intensity feature that allows you to control the degree of brightness of the flash.

There are two versions of Google Camera 8.0

Below, you can get the original Google Camera v8 application that is only suitable for installation on versions of Google Pixel phones, in addition to the GCam v8.0.0 MOD, which is the modified version of the same application to work on all other Android phones that have been modified by the developer cstark. While the GCam v8 is supposed to work on all old Pixel phones with Android 11, you may encounter some errors after installation, especially since it has not been officially launched for any of them yet.

However, the new camera version has been tested on some OnePlus devices with Android 10, and all the basic functions have been working without errors!  The current solution if you encounter any errors after installing the camera on Pixel phone is to use the modified version of it. The modified version here mainly comes with all the basic Google Camera v8 features, but with support for previous Pixel phones from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4, 4a.

So, below you will be able to download the latest version of Google Camera 8.0 apk for old Pixels, and also GCam 8.0 MOD APK for all other Android phones. Note that this modified version is likely to appear in the next few weeks from well-known programmers of Google Camera releases such as Arnova, Parrot, BSG, Urnyx, which we have seen a lot with previous camera releases such as GCam v7 or Google Camera v6.

Download Google Camera v8.0.0

Firstly, and as we mentioned above there are two versions of the app, there is the Pixel-oriented version of the original Google Camera app, Camera 8.0.0 APK, with its recent update, which was extracted directly from the Play Store.

So, if you happen to have a Google Pixel phone and you did not receive a notification of a new update for the camera application, then you can simply download the Apk file from the bottom and install it like any regular apk file, knowing that this version you can simply install it in case there is another version because it will replace it and make it your primary system app. Of course, this version is only supported for the following versions:

  • Google Pixel 2, 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 3, 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a, 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4, 4 XL
  • Google Pixel 4a

[appbox googleplay]

Or you can download the GCam 8.0 Apk from APKMirror via the following link:


Download Google Camera v8 MOD

The first version of the modified Pixel 5 camera app comes thanks to the cstark developer. Google Camera 8.0 that you can download below has been tested on the Pixel 4, Pixel 4A with Android 11 OS. However, as it is a modified version, it also works on other Android phones, even those running Android 10 or below. But the only requirement here is that your phone has a Snapdragon chip, regardless of its type, because other processors will not support this version of the camera, unfortunately. So, download Google Camera 8.0 from the links attached below:

App name Google Camera Mod
Version number v8.0.0
Size 96 MB
Developer cstark

Camera_8.0.018.apks – Google Drive

Camera_8.0 – Box Drive

Camera_8.0.018 – MEGA NZ

Important note: Regarding the Google Drive link: Download it to the computer, then transfer it to the phone and install it like installing any other application with the Apk extension.

Explanation of installing GCam v8.0.0 MOD

For multiple APKs packages (such as the ones that can be downloaded above with the APKM extension or APKs), here you will need some external tools to be able to install them on Android, such as Split APKs Installer or the App Manager because both of them can install this type of files. So, what you will do is as follows:

  1. Download GCam app.
  2. Transfer it to your phone storage.
  3. Launch the App Manager application that you installed on the phone.
  4. Now simply go to the location of the camera application, and click on it to install.

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