Download Google Pixel 4A Stock Wallpapers (16 Walls in FHD+)

After so many rumors and leaks about the upcoming Google phone, the American giant finally launched its new mid-range phone, Google Pixel 4A. And if you are here because you want to download Pixel 4A wallpapers then you are in the right place and I am glad to inform you that we have the full set of new pixel 4a wallpapers in full resolution and you can get it from below. Camera features and internal hardware, as well as phone pricing are among the most unique things in this new pixel. Besides the fact that the Pixel 4A is the first Google phone to have a punch-hole front camera. So, download the new pixel wallpapers from below, then let’s talk together about its specifications.

Google Pixel 4A Wallpapers

Google has always been characterized by unique background designs for all of its devices, and I am not talking here about pixel phones only. So when you see the background album attached below, you’ll know immediately what I’m talking about. Very similar to the uniqueness of the Pixel 3 wallpapers, and before it Pixel 2, Pixel 4A wallpapers came with some unique and strange designs that you will only see with Pixel phones.

So, we have below 16 original wallpapers that have been merged and designed by Google specifically for Pixel 4A. You can use the attached backgrounds directly here, and although they are in high quality, they are still not the original resolution of the wallpapers because we compressed and cropped them as well as converting their extension to JPG so we can upload them here and view them in the browser. As for the original wallpapers, they are in high quality with FHD+ resolution and 1080x2340px size. They also come in PNG format. You can get them through the download link that you will find under the attached backgrounds.

Google Drive

Google Pixel 4A: Specifications and internals

Google Pixel 4a has become distinctive and surrounded by many rumors because it came within Android devices for the middle class, unlike all previous pixels, as it has been priced at a price starting from 349 dollars (or approximately 5,600 Egyptian pounds) in the United States of America so far. And after you got the new Pixel 4A wallpapers, then let’s know what Google has developed with its new phone, and how it differs with its recent flagship release, the Google Pixel 4, which it launched late last year.

Google Pixel 4A

Good battery with fast charging support

The Pixel 4a came with a 3,140mAh battery, yes it is a little small capacity compared to phones of the same class, but nevertheless it came in support of 18W fast charging with the charger inside the box. As for the colors, you can buy the phone in only one color which is black, which is a very cool color and you always liked it if you ask me. As for the availability of the phone, so far the Google Pixel 4A phone will be available only in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, in addition to Japan.

OLED Display

The new Pixel 4A phone came with a wonderful 5.81-inch OLED screen with FHD+ resolution and 1080×2340 pixels with 19.5: 9 aspect ratio and 443 pixels per inch. The latest Google 4A phone for 2020 came under the hood with a Qualcomm mid-range Snapdragon 730G chip with 8nm manufacturing accuracy, and it also includes Android 10 OS (Stock Android). As for the memory options, it is available with 6GB RAM, along with 128GB of internal storage.

4A pixel screen

Only one rear camera!

Yes, the new Google 4A phone unlike the previous Pixel 4 came with only one 12.2-megapixel rear camera with f/1.7 lens slot and Dual Pixel technology and it also contains OIS automatic image stabilization along with support for PDAF imaging technology. Yes, it is only one camera but it will most likely be the best camera for Android devices of the middle class ever because it contains the famous Google Camera app to take super pictures.

Here you’ll also get the ability to shoot in HDR as well as panorama as well as the ability to shoot and record videos in 4K and 30fps. On the front, the Pixel 4A also has a single selfie camera, with an 8 MP punch-hole, f/2.0 lens, and 1080p video recording.

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