Download Aya TV .APK 3.5.0 Free World Cup Qatar 2022 Broadcast!

Here are the AYA TV .APK download links to watch all the 2022 World Cup matches, with a choice of Arabic or English commentary, direct link of 13MB. If you are a fan of football, this app has been specially designed for you, similar to other appls that broadcast live football matches, such as Yacine TV and others for watching the World Cup 2022. And you can follow all the sporting events related to that tournaments you love.

They say that Qatar has succeeded in holding the World Cup in an unparalleled version if we compare it to the past versions of the oldest football tournament on the planet. If you want to see it for yourself, there is no other way for you but this wonderful app for Android, which is Aya TV. Through this app you will be able to follow the live broadcast of football matches of the teams you support. This includes all matches broadcast on both open and encrypted channels.

Aya TV apk
Aya TV

Aya TV Download

App Aya TV
Last updat 3.5 (November 25, 2022)
Size 13.73 MB

Download apk (mediafire link)

Free World Cup 2022 Livestream

It is really unfortunate that you have an Android smartphone and you are not able to make the best use of it. Here you do not appreciate the size of the frame that contains an unlimited number of things that you benefit from through this small device. You can play different games, and you can benefit from it in learning languages, working online and a lot of other things. Among those things, which are no less important than what was mentioned above, is the Aya TV app.

Do you imagine, that your smartphone can be turned into an integrated TV set? It has different groups of channels. The app we are talking about today had more than that. As there are groups of platforms that broadcast movies and series that you will not be able to watch except by subscribing to their packages, and on top of those you will find Netflix and others, and this is evident in the following picture.

Aya TV apk

What you will find on Aya TV is more than just television. This is simply because the TV broadcasts the TV channels available via satellite, which you can watch for free via the regular TV set in all homes without any problem, and without even having to connect to the Internet.

But you will not be able to watch movies, series and entertainment shows that are available on the most popular platforms in the world, even if you have a smart TV. These devices have Netflix, and others, but of course they are not activated except by paying money. Now, it is available on AYA TV for free. But what we really care about are football matches, especially the World Cup 2022 matches in Qatar.

It contains a schedule of matches that will be broadcast live today. And also know which matches are being played at the moment. And also know the time remaining on the matches that will come in succession at the rest of the time of the day. Here, all you have to do is choose the Arabic or English commentary for the match that is currently being played directly.

Aya TV World Cup Livestream

And immediately the sides of the screen will be filled with the live broadcast of the match you chose, as you can see in the previous image. And now you can support your favorite team.

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