Downgrade Realme 3, 3i to Android Pie after Upgrade to Android 10 [Official]

OS updates, especially those major updates in which the phone is upgraded from one system to another, and in addition, if this system contains a custom UI such as Realme UI or One UI, it can cause a lot of problems and errors, especially if it is unstable in a lot Oftentimes like MIUI releases recently as an example. Maybe you don’t like the new system release for any reason, or maybe you are even satisfied with your phone’s performance at the moment and don’t want any other versions of the system.

In any case, there are those times that you wish there was a way that you could restore the previous phone system, or restore your phone as it was before the update. Well, if you happen to be using a Realme 3, or Realme 3i, then I am glad to tell you that Realme has provided an official way to be able to return to Android Pie with ColoOS UI again in the event that you have previously updated to Android 10 and did not like you The new Realme UI included with it.

Rollback Android Pie for Realme 3, 3i

Android 10 update for Realme 3 and 3i has been available to users since May 2020, and since that time almost all users of these phones around the world have got it. While we have never heard of any bugs or stability issues that users may have encountered after updating to Realme UI, there are a very large number of users who want to restore Android 9 again for some reason in an official way, without having to root or do it in a complicated way. So Realme has launched an official way to do so completely legitimately and without worrying about losing anything.

Whatever the reason for which you want to do Downgrade (reverse Upgrade) and restore the previous phone system before the update, the company has stated that there is a new official method that will allow you to rollback and return to the previous system.

So below, you will be able to download Android 9.0 versions of the two phones, as well as learn how to restore the previous system again, noting that the steps mentioned below are only intended for Realme 3, Realme 3i phones and are not suitable for any other phone. Before you take any steps, please read the following warning carefully.


  • This method is only for Realme 3, 3i devices, never try it on other devices.
  • This process will clear the phone’s memory, so you may want to backup your files first.
  • You may encounter some unexpected errors after returning to the previous system, so you must be prepared for anything.
  • Your phone will not receive any future updates after a previous system restore, so you will need to install any upcoming updates manually.

Download the Android 9.0 OZIPs

Now, have you carefully read the previous warning? Do you still want to complete what you are looking for and restore your phone back to Android 9? Well, then make sure that your phone contains at least 60% of the remaining battery power, as well as that the phone is currently working on the latest official version available to it. This last term is very important because the available return ROMs, the download links below, are only available for Realme 3 or Realme 3i versions who are currently running C.11 or above.

From the bottom, download the appropriate Android 9.0 Rollback file for your phone version, then simply transfer it to the internal phone memory, whether it is Realme 3 or Realme 3i. Next, you can download the appropriate official version for your phone:

Device  Realme 3, 3i
 UI  ColorOS 6.0
 OS  Android 9.0.0
 Size  2.05 GB

Restore Realme 3, 3i to Android 9.0

Restore Realme 3 to Android 9
Image source: Realme

Once you download the official Android 9 ROM that is compatible with your phone version from the top, simply go to the File Manageron your phone, then go to the OZIP file on the internal starage, then click on it and choose the ‘Upgrade Now‘ option in case you decide a final decision is that you don’t want Android 10 on your phone. Here the steps are over! You have now successfully rolled back the Android Pie.


Of course, I assume you understand this but it never hurts to say it one more time. While performing the previous steps, never interfere with what the phone is doing and allow it to finish installing the previous system. And after the successful installation, your phone, whether Realme 3 or Realme 3i, will automatically restart inside the Android 9 OS to return as new again, so do the phone settings for one more time.

Realme also stated that if you perform the previous steps, your phone will remain on the same security patch and will not be updated in the future, and you will also not receive any future updates unless you “manually” update to Android 10 again. So, you might want, before doing anything, to go to the source first to read everything and all the conditions related to this matter so that you don’t leave anything to chance.

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