How to Permanently Delete contents of an Android Device [Tutorial]

When you delete a file, in fact Android system does not permanently remove it from storage memory. Instead, system treats this capacity (as empty) and claims that this file you deleted does not exist anymore. But deep inside the system files, the file that you copied or put in the memory in the first place is still in the same place, at least until you yourself copy or put another file in the same place specifically on the internal capacity disk of your smart device. Yes, we are not only talking about just Android devices here, but any smart device at all.

How do Recovery apps work?

Specifically, this is how applications such as DiskDigger use to recover deleted photos on Android, or file recovery programs deleted from hard disk in general, and this is the concept through which such tools can “pull” your deleted files from internal system parts again. Of course, this is a flagrant violation of privacy or at least a risk of being able to retrieve very private files again, especially if you want to sell the phone or gift it to a friend, for example. Therefore, the programmer Giuseppe Romano  has come up with a great app that can solve this annoying problem.

Secure Eraser

The way this application works is simply “writing random data” as soon as you delete any file from the phone on its empty storage capacity, then after that, delete or remove this data again, and therefore any attempt to recover anything deleted from the phone, will be files Meaningless random, which makes it impossible to access the original files on the phone’s memory after deleting them again.

Download Secure Eraser 2020

Secure Eraser 2020

As mentioned earlier, Secure Eraser app has the function of permanently deleting and removing the contents of an Android phone without a known way to retrieve it with any tools again. The app is completely free, even in the Play Store and you will not have to download it from any external sources. So, simply download the application from the following link:

[appbox googleplay com.aiuspaktyn.secureeraser]

Set up Secure Eraser

Before you can permanently delete files and photos you’ve removed from your phone, there are a few steps that you must follow first. Initially, go to the drop-down menu inside the application in the upper corner, and from there choose if you want to delete files from the phone’s storage, or external (SD card or USB memory). In the event that it is an external memory, choose “External“. Otherwise, leave it unchanged.

Choose the memory whose contents you want to permanently delete

As for the right part of the previous image, it is for choosing the type of files or random data that you want to place in the place of files that you deleted from the phone and do not want to retrieve them again. For best results, I strongly advise you to leave it without any changes, i.e. “Random.”

Permanently Delete Files and Images on Android

After completing the necessary previous steps, now start this process of final deletion of the contents of your Android device by clicking on the “Start” button which you will find at the bottom of the screen. From here, Secure Eraser app will start its job that we explained above which is writing random data to fill the phone memory with files that are not important, then delete it again so as to get rid of old photos and videos permanently.

As a result, you will notice that the system warns you that the phone’s storage capacity is dwindling, and you may be asked to erase some files to function the system . Well, do not worry because this is completely normal, because Secure Eraser will remove all of these files again after they are placed when it ends, and you will notice that the available storage capacity eventually becomes available once more.

Completely remove deleted Android files

The process we mentioned above may take a long time, up to 60 minutes, depending on your phone’s storage capacity, so try to do it while you don’t need the phone. More clearly, Secure Eraser took about 30 minutes to clean 15GB of memory while I tried it, so maybe this is your standard, but as I told you the whole time will be depending on the memory response speed from reading and writing as well as its size. But when it ends, I can assure you that your old files will never be able to be restored after deleting again.

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