How to install ADB/Fastboot Tools on Windows in just a few seconds!

Android OS is an open source platform was developed to run on smart devices, not just phones. Open system environment is always encourage many developers to create many wonderful things that did not exist in official firmware. Android allows the user to take complete control of the system as well as customize and change necessary to fit his needs. Since most Android users or any other OS was developed for smart devices can be obsessed with modifications and customization for these systems, many of them totally dependent on these independent developers and programmers such as those who are always on the pads Support and development such as XDA developers world or GitHub community.


Android Open Source Project

If you have own an Android device, you can then get the powers of Rooting, install or flash a custom recovery and experience the ROMs are amended and various cooked and customization and modifications that you want the system to reach the best experience improved Possible allocation on your phone or smart device. While similar cases previously mentioned bring fantastic results in most cases, some of them can be detrimental to your phone if you do not understand what to do.

In order to continue the development and programming of Android, Google company has granted and developed several tools and options for developers on every smart device running Android, so they cold help the beginner users of any problem or damage that may occur during their work on those amendments, They are also Hide those options and tools for developers by default. One of the most important choices you’ll find under the menu of options the programmer or Developer Options called USB Debugging Mode which allows the user to read and write the contents of the system using the computer. In order to be able to your Smartphone to communicate properly and stable with a computer, you’ll need to stuff and tools such as the ADB is acronym for (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot and they need first to be installed on your computer before you begin the process of connecting your Android device.

Android Debug Bridge

If you are an advanced user and get used to those things that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, then you probably know that you first need to Setup ADB tools | Fastboot on your computer before you can install operating system, kernel, recoveries, or flash certain Zips or even do other things using ADB Fastboot & tools and commands are similar to the command window CMD Terminal interface or Windows systems to Linux systems as well as Mac OS x. Therefore, Google has provided the tools is called Android SDK tools which contains ADB and Fastboot drivers as an essential part of them. But on the other hand, many Android users find that Android SDK tools installed on the computer is kind of complicated. Plus, it makes no sense that you download and install the SDK tools for developing Android system and up to 500 MB just to get ADB and Fastboot tools! So we came to you with the ideal solution to install ADB and Fastboot mode definitions within 15 seconds only. It’s great isn’t it.

Install ADB/Fastboot

ADB Fastboot Installation

Today, we come to you dear reader with two adorable and who let you develop tools and definitions of ADB/Fastboot on any PC with Windows system very easy within just a few seconds! XDA developers Forum member Snoop05 has launched a great tool called 15 seconds Installer or ADB tools installed in 15 seconds, exactly which should make that process too easy. In case you’re wondering, is precisely function tool that installs ADB & USB Fastboot and their drivers in 15 seconds.

15 seconds ADB Installer Mohamedovic

Download ADB/Fastboot Tools

Mohamedovic Server | MEGA NZ | AndroidFileHost

Just download the tool from the this download links, and then run it on your computer with Run as Administrator option. As you can see in the picture that came up very easy tool and options without any complexity, all you have to do is just press the Y button on the keyboard and then press Enter.

ADB/Fastboot Minimal Tools

there is also another way to install and define ADB and Fastboot mode settings on the PC without having to face the complex steps. But this tool is different from the previous one and it’s called Minimal ADB and Fastboot any minimum ADB tools needs to run on a computer perfectly and was developed by user shimp208 on XDA developers Forum. Minimal adb feature with simple interface and easy options to the user. All you have to do is download and install the tool on your computer like any other program as usual they will install adb tools automatically without any intervention from you.

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Mohamedovic

After you install the tool, you will get a new shortcut to the tool on the desktop to run ADB tools quickly. Example, suppose you want to copy a file extension img. Within the ADB install folder path as we mention in most Android explanations as well as Root Tutorials of Mohamedovic – you’ll find it in C:/ Program Files/adb on your computer.

ADB Folder Windows Mohamedovic

Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool

The latest version of the Minimal ADB tool 1.4.3:

Google Drive | MEGA NZ | Mediafire

If the previous version didn’t work properly, download and install the following version:

Google Drive | MEGA NZ | Mediafire

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