Download ZAO .APK “Deepfake Videos” With Activation Guide on Android!

If you do not know, the ZAO app is a tool that has becomes very popular for a while, which is available for download and installation exclusively in China so far, and it was made available for download on mobile, whether Android or iPhone in the past 2019. The application basically allows users to replace faces, but not just as you are used to with pictures like many tools, which include ReFace, for example, but what is distinguished in Zao is the ability to put your face on a video of a famous person and use artificial intelligence to deceive the viewer that this video is real with Few clicks!

In fact, downloading and installing the ZAO apk app on the mobile is not simply installing any other application because, as we mentioned before, it is available exclusively for the Chinese user only. And in order to use it, you must have a Chinese mobile number so that you can activate it. So, do you want to try this interesting app? We have a method you can try right now!

Download ZAO

ZAO apk
App ZAO App
Last updated (October 26, 2022)
Size 100MB
Package com.deepfusion.zao

Here, download the ZAO .APK (direct link): com.deepfusion.zao-

Remember, after you download the attached apk file, to enable the installing apps from unknown sources on your Android device, which is an option that you will usually find under your privacy and security settings starting from Android 8.0 and above.

How to install the Chinese app Zao apk on Android

Is the app available for use outside of China?

The official answer is NO! You cannot use the ZAO app if you are located outside of China. But with that, there is another way that allows users from outside China to download and install the application and even activate it on Android phones and we will explain how to do that in detailed steps below.

Change the language of the Zao app to English

If you download the app from above and follow the steps to install it, you may be surprised that the language of the app is actually Chinese, of course since this app is only for the Chinese users and it wasn’t supposed to be downloaded from outside China!

Well, do not worry because there are several methods or third-party tools that you can use so that you can translate the application into English or any other language such as Screen Text Translate or App Translator. Both are very good and can do the job perfectly.

ZAO app in English

How to activate ZAO with a Chinese number?

In order to use the Zao app on Android you have to activate it using your phone number, so it makes sense that you’ll need a Chinese mobile number since the app is only officially available in China! So since you were able to download it from the link attached above, what you will need now is a Chinese number in order to receive the activation message to start using it.

There are several free services to provide Chinese mobile numbers to receive messages only and personally I will recommend FreeReceiveSMS among them, knowing that there are many similar sites. However, these different free sites are basically based on a single concept of giving the user a “virtual Chinese mobile number” for the purpose of messaging only, so you might expect that these numbers are not exclusive to one user, but are used by thousands of other people!

So you may find that the same number you will choose has been used before in hundreds of other websites and applications that require the same, or you may even find that this same number has been used before in the ZAO application! So, your only option here is to experiment with several numbers until you can use one.

How to use ZAO on Android?

If you are lucky to have the right Chinese number and you finally activate the app, and of course before that you have converted its language to English so that you understand what is going on in front of you on the screen, at this point you will be able to enter the facial recognition feature or recognize your face with artificial intelligence, until You can use it later in the app.

Here you’ll need to give the app permissions to access the camera, take a several pictures of your head and dace face from different angles, and you’ll even need to open and close your mouth a few times so the app can ‘simulate’ all angles of your face later.

The artificial intelligence built into the ZAO will take a few seconds to process the data of your entire face and head that it obtained, and once it’s done and recorded this data, you can simply use these angles to combine several famous videos that you can choose between them in the app itself like those ready-made things in FaceApp.

How To Use ZAO apk on Android

Also, if you don’t like any of the default choices inside, the app can also easily search the internet for some famous works if you want to use any of them to put your face on the video like Titanic, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory or any of the other series and movies that you might want to use.

All you have to do here is choose the video, choose the actor or actress you want to swap your face with in this video, then wait and watch the magic happen!

After processing the video that you will choose, you can save it to the phone memory in MP4, or even share it directly through any social app that is currently installed on your phone such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other app of your choice.

The app is very entertaining, but take care of your privacy!

In fact, we don’t have any information on whether the developers intend to make the ZAO app available for a global version outside of China. While we are waiting for any official information, above we have explained the best possible way to be able to obtain the app and take advantage of all the features that it provides to the Chinese user. So we also strongly advise you when you download any apk files from unknown sources that you first make sure that it does not contain any malware or viruses in some way by first scanning it through Virus Total.

On the other hand, you have to be very careful in dealing with such apps especially because you will be using a virtual mobile number service “which sometimes is not secure”. There is also a very important note: since these numbers are often used extensively, they may be shared by more than one user.

In other words, when you activate the app using this number, all other users of the same number will most likely have data on the same number in the app database, so you also become a user like them! Thus, you will have the ability to access the photos of the previous users of this number, as well as the future users who will often have access to your files that you create using this app as well. So, be very careful about whatever you do inside the app.

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