Download Threads .APK 289.0 “Twitter Competitor” An App By Instagram!

Here are the links to download Threads, an Instagram app .APK latest version 74MB from Mediafire. As you might have guessed from the name of the app, it is closely related to the well-known Instagram app. As the two apps are made by Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. This app has been issued in order to enjoy a special feature different from those apps mentioned, and to have a character of its own.

Threads, an Instagram app, was developed to compete with Twitter. Where it depends in its form and work on discussing important topics that occupy the world or a certain group of people through tweets. We will explain through the next explanation with pictures everything related to the Threads app that users are waiting for at the present time, and they expect it to invade many areas in the coming period.

Threads apk 2023
Threads, an Instagram app

Download Threads apk

App Threads, an Instagram app
Last update (July 6, 2023)
Size 77MB

From here, download threads, an instagram app apk: or from other mirror here: Mediafire latest version, size 77 Megabyte.

Threads, an Instagram app explained in pictures

Download the app from any of the previous links. After downloading it, you will open it from the icon that will appear on the smartphone screen as a result of the installation after downloading. You will be met with the following screen. As you can see from the image, the colors of the logo are reminiscent of the Instagram logo, so at first you will feel that you are inside Instagram.

Threads, an Instagram app
Program start

The app will suggest that you enter it through your account on Instagram, and when you click on this option, the screen represented in the following image will appear to us, and it often appears because the official application is not available in the country you are in at the present time, which means that your account on Instagram is not eligible to create an account Post on Threads, an Instagram app.

Accordingly, you have to click on the exit icon in order to enter the app through another trick that we will mention below, just click on the Dismiss icon.

Download Threads, an Instagram app
An Instagram account is not eligible to create a new account on the app

Click on the Create New Account icon, where you click on the Switch Account icon that appears in the previous image. All you have to do is start creating a new account on the program, and you will begin the steps to create the new account by writing your full name as shown in the following image.

Download Threads, an Instagram app
Write the full name

Write down all the required data, and follow the account creation steps like any other social networking program. Where you write your name, phone number, date of birth, and many other important data. Until you finally get to the next screen.

Selfie mode

Here, you will select a personal image that expresses you in the program from the image gallery on your device, and the program must be allowed to access multimedia files in order to access this gallery. Then you will go to the main page of the application.

Threads, an Instagram app for Android

After subscribing to all the pages related to the topics you are interested in, the main screen will appear to you as shown in the previous image, and it is very close to the Twitter screen, and you will deal with the program as you deal with Twitter.


  • It is an open community in which all the topics that are being discussed by everyone at the present time, whether at the global level or at the local level.
  • You will see all the topics that occupy public opinion at the present time, as well as the topics that will occupy everyone tomorrow.
  • You will be able to communicate directly with the creators of the content you are interested in, whatever it is.
  • The app was developed by the Meta team, which is the global company that acquires Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other well-known apps in the world.

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