Download Samsung Galaxy A53 Stock Wallpapers [Get 14 Walls in FHD+]

In March 2021, the Korean giant Samsung announced three new phones from the Galaxy A series, and they were the Galaxy A52 4G, A52 5G and also the Galaxy A72. Therefore, we expect the company to follow in the same footsteps in 2022 and announce new versions of the same phones, which means that we will soon see the Galaxy A53 as well as the Galaxy A73 during the next few weeks.

Although Samsung has not officially announced its upcoming devices yet, there are a lot of leaks that suggest the upcoming Galaxy A53 will soon be the same design as the previous version with some radical upgrades internally.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G news

And near the official announcement of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A series after a while, it seems that we now have the default wallpapers coming with the Galaxy A53  out of the box. So, if you are looking for wallpapers with simple designs and eye-pleasing colors with some flavor of Samsung phones, then you are in the right place! Because now you can get all Galaxy A53 wallpapers in original resolution.

Galaxy A53 wallpapers

Although you can directly download the wallpapers attached below and use them on your phone now, you should know that they are not the original resolution, and have been compressed and cropped to fit in the browser. And while you are free to use it, I highly recommend you to get the wallpapers you want in full resolution via the download link that you will find under the following wallpapers.

In addition to the fourteen wallpapers that came by default on the Samsung Galaxy A53 that you saw above, the phone also came with a new live wallpaper that you can view through the following YouTube video.

Download wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy A53

The download link that you will find below is a zip file containing all the official Samsung Galaxy A53 wallpapers that we have seen attached above in full resolution and dimensions of 2400x2400px and the extension WEBP for static wallpapers, while the animated ones are in MP4 extension and 1080x2400px that you can use on your phone Android.

Download Samsung A53 wallpapers in original quality from AndroidFilehost

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