Download LG Wing Stock Wallpapers: Get 36 Walls in FHD+

If you follow, then you will know that the Korean company LG has always brought us ideas out of the box by launching some crazy devices and accessories that we never imagined were on the scene, at least at the time of their launch, and we have in the LG G5 and its accompanying accessories, an example of that. Also, the new LG Wing is another example of what we are talking about.

The new LG Wing mobile is considered one of the most unique phones in design and the overall experience of 2020, thanks to the strange design of the phone that suggests to you that it has wings, in addition to the possibility of using it as a regular phone every day! Now, you can download LG Wing wallpapers in full resolution from below.

LG Wing Wallpapers

The new LG winged phone, which was called the LG Wing, was not only distinguished in its design, but also in the huge number of LG wallpapers that came with it. Here you’ll get 36 new original wallpapers with new design made for this phone only. Also includes LG Velvet wallpapers. The backgrounds here include 6 wallpapers for the “swivel mode”, as well as 7 wallpapers for the normal vertical mode, and there are 23 backgrounds for the additional small screen below the main one, which came with a 1: 1 aspect ratio.

Fortunately, now you can download all three sets of LG Wing Wallpapers in full resolution. The dimensions available here, of course, also came different for each group of them, as the first group comes with dimensions of 1080×2460px, the second group has dimensions of 2460×2460px, and finally the third group came with dimensions of 1080×1240px.

Download – Google Drive

What’s so special about LG Wing?!

The new LG Wing mobile contains two screens, the main screen here you can “rotate it” to be in the horizontal position, revealing another screen below it in the vertical position, which allows you to perform many multitasking with the two screens at the same time. Of course, the concept of a mobile or smart device with two screens is not new, we also have the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, in addition to the Huawei Mate XS, as well as Microsoft Duo, and finally we will not forget the Motorola Razr.

But the new thing here is that we are talking about just a normal phone, but it has two separate screens, and the distinguishing feature is that as a design and use it will never differ from the usual Android phones. So, now you can download the new LG Wing 2020 wallpapers from the LG company from the following paragraph, and then you can know its detailed specifications and internal hardware from below.

LG Wing specifications

The new LG Wing mobile from the Korean company has become available for purchase in the United States only through Verizon, with a starting price of $1,000. After you got what you came for which is the original LG Wing wallpapers, let’s talk a little bit about what distinguishes this LG phone and what makes it unique compared to all other Android phones, which are foldable.

Two displays

And if you are wondering about unique things, then here you have two separate screens, one hidden under the other. The main screen here measures 6.8 inches with P-OLED technology and comes in FHD+ resolution and dimensions of 1080x2460px with 395 per inch PPI. While the other screen you will find at the bottom of the main screen is a G-OLED “and I really don’t know the difference between them” measuring 3.9 inches and dimensions of 1080x1240px.

Memory options

As for you are wondering about memory, there is only one option for RAM, which is 8GB, in addition to 128GB or 256GB of internal storage options that came with UFS technology (but with an unknown version yet).

SD 765G processor and support for 5G frequencies

Under the hood, you will get the best mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip so far, with an energy-saving 7 nm manufacturing precision with a frequency of up to 2.4GHz, and also supports the frequencies of the fifth generation (5G) networks. Of course, the operating system here is Android 10, along with the custom LG Velvet UI from the Korean giant.

There are three 64-megapixel cameras

Apart from this unusual screen, which we have not seen on any smartphone before, the camera and imaging features are also one of the things that distinguished the new Wing phone from LG. So, here you will get three rear cameras other than the front one, with a basic resolution of 64megapixels and f/1.8 lens.

Aside from that, there is also an Ultra-wide lens for 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle photography. Not only that, there is an additional lens also for wide-angle photography, but it is intended for shooting video only at 12megapixel resolution, which you can use on the second screen. On the front, there is a selfie camera hidden inside the screen by the motor, which has almost disappeared since the beginning of 2020, with a 32-megapixel resolution and f/1.9 lens.

Battery isn’t the best, but it does support fast charging

The LG Wing mobile came with a 4,000mAh battery, and I really don’t know if it will withstand the usual use for a whole day, especially if you use the two screens together for a long time, but it is nonetheless characterized by its support for fast charging by Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 technology. If you are wondering about colors, you can buy LG Wing (in case you reside in the USA) in gray and cyan options.

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