Download FIFA Mobile World .APK ‘China’ v24.0.04 Direct Links inside!

You can now download the Chinese FIFA Mobile World 24.0.04 .APK direct download link size 1.0GB on your Android phone with another version available for iPhone holders. Are you a fan of FIFA Mobile? If you are, then allow me to tell you that after the release of the FIFA Mobile KR on smartphones, FIFA has proposed to us again to introduce us to the Chinese FIFA, which we are going to talk about in some detail in the coming lines to learn about many aspects of it and download it.

Download now the Chinese FIFA which is called FIFA Mobile World, through the links in this article. Where you meet here all the stars of the world of football in the new FIFA Mobile, which carries with it many amazing modifications and improvements in the way of playing and the graphics of the players, stadiums and all the football details of interest to fans of football games on smartphones.

FIFA Mobile World apk
FIFA Mobile World

Download FIFA Mobile CN

Game FIFA Mobile World 足球世界
Version 24.0.04
Last updated May 21, 2023
Size 1.09GB
Package com.tencent.fifamobile
Download FiFA Chinese direct link com.tencent.fifamobile-24.0.04.apk size 1.00GB for Android, or from this link for iPhone

About the Chinese FIFA

Chinese Fifa
Mbappe in Paris Saint-Germain

The Chinese FIFA is one of the games that revolutionized the world of football games, which is filled with many copies of round witch games of all shapes and types. You will be here the coach who stands on the lines, sets the technical plan and refutes each player in his team to make changes that will turn the situation and the outcome of the match upside down. Do you have the courage to take responsibility?

Have you found your favorite player now, as he enters the field practicing warm-ups in order to impress you with his best performance in the upcoming match. All this and more you will meet in FIFA Mobile World. In the Chinese FIFA you will discover something important. is that you have to have strong skills that can make the difference in the match. You will also be able to develop balanced plans that fit the situation you are exposed to in the current match. Where the circumstances differ from one match to the next, depending on the strength or weakness of the opponent, and according to many other factors that you must take into account and do not neglect them at all.

The Chinese FIFA game depends on the confrontation and nothing but the confrontation, and perhaps the distinctive graphics that he enjoyed, the strength of the matches and the proximity of their difficulty to the ground, all these factors make it a truly wonderful and incredible game. If, for example, you play in the German club Stuttgart, do not expect it to be an easy match as chewing a piece of cake when you meet another team the size of Liverpool or Man City or those like them, the matter here is determined by the reality of the teams in the game, and it does not depend on your skills alone, although it is a factor Important, articulate and pivotal in the game.

FIFA Mobile CN Features

Chinese Fifa
The shape of the players in the Chinese FIFA
  • The graphics of the game are very distinctive and unusual as we noted in the previous lines, and it is very different from the graphics of the regular FIFA Mobile game. You will feel like you are playing a professional game on a PC and not on the small screen of a smartphone.
  • You can change the camera mode to more than one mode during the match so you can play it in the mode and perspective that you like.
  • The Chinese version of FIFA Mobile contains all the features that culminated in other global versions of the same game, such as players, stadiums, plans, buying players, borrowing them or loaning them to other clubs, as well as the global events in which you participate and other important details that you must discover when downloading the game From the links listed above.

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